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Cellular Communicator for your home or business



With a cellular communicator the signal from the alarm system will be sent to the central station over the cell network eliminating the need for a  telephone line. They in turn will notify you or the people on your call out list of the problem. Most alarm systems communicate to the central station over a telephone line and most systems monitor the telephone line, however the panel is limited to notifying you threw the keypad that the phone line has failed.


If an alarm occurs when the phone line is down the cellular backup will transmit the signals it receives from the control panel to the central station and be handled the way the alarm signal dictates.



The DSC GS2060 will send a full range of signals on almost any panel just like it would on a regular telephone line only it will use the cell phone towers instead of a telephone line.



Cellular backup - $175.00 installed + additional $6.00 per month monitoring.



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text messaging

Text messages
remote access

 $5.00 per month.

 Alarm system monitoring

for less than


a week

 24/7 UL Certified, CSAA 5 Diamond Central Monitoring Station. Same as the big marketing companies at half the price.






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