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Choosing the right CCTV system

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Choosing the right Home Surveillance products to protect your Family, Home or Business is not as easy as going to the store and picking a prepackaged kit off the self.

Before you get started you will need to determine what your home surveillance or business surveillance needs are and what your budget is. What do you want to protect and what results do you expect when the job is finished. Remember just like most things the more you can spend the better the system you can have. It is better to pay a little more to do it right the first time than to have to pay to redo it because it does not meet your expectations.

Location of the cameras is critical to achieve the end results you want. Do you want to want to watch the whole room or just catch someone's face as they come in or as they leave or both. Will the cameras be hidden or should everyone see them as they enter (in a business this is a very good deterrent against robbery and theft).

Buying the right camera can be as difficult as deciding what you want to see with them. There are hundreds of choices. Do it yourself CCTV packages look good in the store but will they do the job you want, most times no. Most come with fixed lenses and low TV lines of resolution, the minimum we recommend is 480TVL. A lens used to watch a room won't get a good clear image of someone coming or going through a door or work in a narrow hall.

Choosing the right DVR to record the cameras is dependent on how many cameras are installed and what quality you want on the play back. The more cameras and the more days you want to record, the more disk space will be required.  Your DVR should be network able; this will allow you to see the cameras from remote locations.

 Contact a professional to get a security analysis of your property. Every situation is different and unique. A professional will be able to determine the best equipment to fit your budget and needs.

This article was written by the technical support department of Florida Specialty Services.


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